On the road again

Like many of you, the travelswithpatty.com blog has been hiding in the basement for the past couple of years, waiting for the all-clear signal that still hasn’t come.

While there has been some domestic travel, the last time the blog ventured beyond the secure borders of the U.S. was at New Year’s 2020, in Bucerias, Mexico. The last actual blog post was in the summer of 2019.

Stir crazy, we decided we needed to get out for a fall trip this year So we are off for a couple of weeks in the UK – a very safe venture – followed by a few days visiting our son, Charlie, in New York.

The trip to England – whose economy we hope hasn’t completely collapsed by the time we get there – will include a few days in London but is focused on some walks through the countryside in Wessex and North Dorset. Note the maps attached here.

This adventure began when we contacted a tour company about doing some walks in Cornwall, and they discouraged us by noting that it is very hilly. “You’d be happier in Dorset,” they said, and so that’s where we are headed.

The walks are mostly seven miles a day, between inns. We have trained for this by walking around Green Lake, having lunch, then walking around it again. Another time we walked the Burke Gilman between Lake Forest Park and Bothell, with lunch in between at the Kenmore Lanes. I am hoping the upcoming trip is a little more glamorous.

Dorset is mostly known for the fossils found along its beaches, which has given it the name the Jurrassic Coast. It is home to Brideshead Revisited and assorted Thomas Hardy novels. The north part, where we are headed, is known more for its countryside: Inns and pubs rather than fossils and beaches. Watch the blog to find out whether this experiment was a wise one.

In addition, Patty has begun an Instagram account, called travels.with.patty (note the periods).  Follow her there where she will post photos as we go along.

More to come,

Pat and David

4 thoughts on “On the road again

  1. Have a great adventure. We look forward to your posts.

  2. Georgeanne Brown

    So glad you have dusted off the blog, David. I welcome a little change of scenery albeit vicarious. Seven-mile walking days would be too much for me! Hope weather is cooperative.

  3. Sally del Fierro

    On the road again! Wishing you both safe travels and fun adventures — will look forward to following on Insta and the Blog 🙂

  4. Here’s to great weather, comfortable shoes and gorgeous scenery. Hav fun!

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