Pat and David’s route

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This is a view of the itinerary Pat and I will follow in Italy. The trip will begin with a week in Rome, a week in Puglia with our base in Lecce — you can see it right on the heel of the boot, a week in Eastern Sicily with an apartment in Syracusa, then five days on the Amalfi Coast (Ravello) and then a return to Rome. An entire month. And that requires a little bit of background.

Pat and I have traveled to Italy twice previously, but both have been in the northern areas, Tuscany, Venice, Cinque terra, Lucca. We’d only had one day in Rome, and I have been eager to get back there to get a better feel of the city, see more of the city’s art and architecture, and hang around places like Campo  de Fiori that I have heard so much about. But that’s an old story, and there are a lot of places we’d like to go.

The difference this time began with the decision to leave full-time employment — officially on Oct. 1, which, incidentally, is the day this trip begins.

Pat suggested that I might need a month’s trip to move past thinking about work continually and focus on the next phase. It is a worthy goal, and part of this trip will be an investigation into whether I can do that. I have always identified myself with what I do for a living, and my goal is to live more in the moment, be content with what I am doing at the time. Cliche? Sure, but accomplishing it will require going beyond cliche status.

So the decision was made to take the month of October to travel. I think Pat may have had some self-interest in mind, but she seemed from the very beginning to be willing to make the sacrifice to take a month from her schedule to mess around in Italy with me. The itinerary was interative: I wanted to go to Rome, and I had been thinking about  Sicily for a while. Patty wanted to make sure there were opportunities for walking and hiking, which she prefers to the more urban pleasures I prefer such as hanging around drinking coffee in the morning, wine in the afternoon, and napping in between. So this itinerary is an amalgam of those two pursuits. Not really a compromise: the idea was for everyone to get to do what they wanted some of the time. As this blog evolves, I want to talk about where we have been and what we have seen and done, but also explore the other questions of life after work — or before returning to self-employment — and getting along with each other while everyone around us is speaking Italian.

6 thoughts on “Pat and David’s route

  1. This is wonderful, David and Pat. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. Buon viaggio!
    (“Have a good journey!” for us none italian speakers)
    post a update when you arrive!
    xoxo-Kara and Amelia

  3. Sounds like a fascinating route. I’ve wanted to visit southern Italy and look forward to reading your reactions.

  4. Can’t wait to read more. I’ve just retired as well & Molly & I will be heading to Italy on Oct 28 for 2 weeks. Have fun and anxious for more postings!

  5. We are so excited for you. Jeanne & I remember fondly our trip with you to Tuscany. Wish we could
    be with you for the return. keep us posted.

  6. Congrats for braving the potential retirement world. Italy must be a good place to test it out. If I had known about the shutdown, I would have asked to join you! I expect most excellent pasta from Pat when you return. Also wondering what the Italian zoo situation is like. Best wishes, jenny

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