OK. Now we’re here.

DSC00019We are staying in an apartment near the Vatican, on the Vatican side of the river, but within a block or two of one of the many bridges over the Tiber, so it is also quite walkable to get to Piazza Navona and other sights on that side. We rented the apartment through Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO,) and we have had good luck with that sight on other visits. This location was marketed as Trastevere — tras (across) and tevere (the Tiber River) — from Central Rome. That is a little like trying to sell your fixer in Greenwood as “close to all the exciting new clubs and restaurants in Ballard,” but it is a very nice apartment and the location is fine. The photos here show the street and courtyard of our apartment.


12 thoughts on “OK. Now we’re here.

  1. I love the picture of Pat on the steps Wow I love the blog

  2. I sent a comment but I don’t think it went Just wanted to be the first to say how cool this blog is bye

    • We got your note. Things here are fine. Weather and food mostly wonderful. We are walking a lot and enjoying all the great sites. Went for a food tour that David’s staff gave him for a retirement gift. It was super. The group was nice and we tasted way too much great food and good wine. Thinking of you.

  3. It looks like you made it there well rested (well…at least Mom did).

  4. That’s a LOT of steps…your courtyard is beautiful.
    Good to see you are finding places to enjoy the local wines…and something for you as well David!
    Mom is dressed for warm weather (and tourist chic)…what are the temperatures during the day?

  5. Looks like fun to me! Sunny here in Seattle and u-no-hoo is golfing. I’m fighting off a cold and dreaming of sun and shadow on cobbled Roman streets.

  6. So glad you arrived safely. I feel like I am there with you! Lovely pictures. Continue having a great time! Cousin Donna

  7. This looks so wonderful!

  8. Looks fabulous and I love the blog. It is going to be so much fun to share hyour journey.

  9. Wonderful! What a great trip for the two of you.

  10. Finally connected with the blog– (technically challenged!) but, now, so enjoying your travels and
    our memories of our previous trip to Italy!!

  11. Am enjoying your blog about your month in Italy. Did not know you’d left the Zoo. What next?

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