Oh, des toilettes

Rome travel tip No. 17:

We have found three kinds of toilets here: 1) toilets with a seat; 2) toilets without a seat, and 3) toilets without a toilet. I prefer them in that order.

Each of the three types can be found with or without toilet paper, although there is a slight tendency for toilet paper to be available more prominently in the order of preference I suggested.

I don’t have a solution to this. Just thought people would want to know, and be forewarned.

9 thoughts on “Oh, des toilettes

  1. Amelia will enjoy this post…

  2. Oh my thanks for the heads-up I to prefer the toilet with a seat and paper!

  3. It’s that slit in the ground that I would avoid at all costs!!!

  4. Love the blog! Love the chance to tag along:) Have a glass of wine for your Port friends back home.


  5. When in Rome…

  6. Yes, those those hole-in-the floor WCs are truly less than desirable but a notch above squatting at the roadside, which we had to do on a few trips to remote Mexican villages.

  7. Georgeanne mentioned your blog. What a fun way to go with you without having to sit on a plane for all those hours. Or use those toilets.

  8. Ah, yes, the toilets… And do you still have to pay for TP?

  9. We always enjoy David’s writing – very humorous
    Such a great way to “keep up”

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