Grandma and Amelia Explore the Yucatan

We decided that this year’s Grandma Camp would go beyond the 2-day camping experience in Washington state. We came upon an Intergenerational Road Scholar tour to the Yucatan. It sounded great in January. We are now embarking on the trip in 90 degree heat. Two days at a Cancun resort before we meet up with the tour. I promised big money if I didn’t hear “grandma I’m hot” one time during the trip. I confess day two and I haven’t heard it yet from her but from me a few times.

We had a great day on the beach with oh so blue bathtub warm water and white sand. Sitting on the beach and swimming with my lovely granddaughter–who could ask for more? Today’s adventure was taking the R 2 bus into Cancun. We thought the bus drivers were racing each other while eating chicken wings and picking up passengers at a rolling stop. YIKES! Time for happy hour.



Amelia got a fish pedicure today–REALLY! 

One thought on “Grandma and Amelia Explore the Yucatan

  1. gretchen broderick

    Thinking of you in the beautiful blue waters of Mexico. Enjoy every minute!!!!

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