End-Of-The-Road Adventures

A long day on the road from Denali to Seward yesterday, luckily the rain let up a bit and we were able to enjoy the beautiful Alaskan countryside.  We were treated by a black bear scooting across the street in front of our car. Where is my camera when I need it most?

The Seward hotel has the most interesting lobby where we are greeted by a menagerie of stuffed Alaska animals.  One of my favorites….

Bums Rush

Ten foot waves and the warning of seasickness scared us away from our Kenaii Fiords trip today.  We will try again tomorrow.

Alternatively we explored a bit more of Alaska.

The Sea Life Center of Seward was quite a find and proved to be a respite from the bad weather.  (up close and personal with a local puffin)

Up Close and Personal with a Puffin




Miller Landing is at the end of the road just outside Seward.  This multi-purpose business includes boat launch, fishing excursions, campground, boat repair, kayak rental and restaurant, all with a fish cleaning tables for locals to prepare their catch.  (Kayak rentals at the end-of-the-road)

Kayak rentals at the end-of-the-road.


A hike to Exit Glacier which comes off of the Harding Icefield was the highlight of our day.  As we hiked we noticed sign markers 1817-2010.  These indicated the year and location of the glacier and provided an idea of glacier movement as it has receded over time.


End-of-the-road next stop Harding Icefield

It was a treat to peek around every corner for a closer and better view of the vast blue and white ice.  The sun even tried to come out.



One thought on “End-Of-The-Road Adventures

  1. gretchen broderick

    We know you’ll have a great birthday today, Patty!! What could be a better gift!!!
    Lots of love to you and your travelling companion!! Gretchen

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